Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pradeep Huttu Habba

Putty : Bro..hengiddira

Sri: Hi Putty, am fine,neenu hengiddiya

Putty : You forgot one more, you wished 
            shwetha putty on her birthday, but you 
           forgot my hubby Shekar's, and again you 
           missed Guru's it is already night, 
           so you missed..hey..hey hurray

Sri: Illa putty, naanu miss madilla..see the link

Putty: Oh ok ok..good good....I was busy today, 
           so could not wish him, let me wish him 
           with you again.

Sri, Putty : Hi Guru, wish you a wonderful day..
                 we know, a big gift is being presented to you 
                shortly by shwetha putty, any way it is 
               one more pleasant wishes for  you...
               Have a wonderful day, and year ahead.

Putty : Bro, one question, why this posting is in irregular way meaning, not aligned properly, henge hengo ide...

Sri: It shows the life putty, it will not be even all the time, it will be odds against the tide..enjoy have a great week ahead.

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