Friday, October 21, 2011

Shekar & Sunitha - First Year of their marriage life

  Good things in the life always walks around in the form of dolls...

The Cute Putty!
Dolls always likes to eat fine cooled ice creams

The Cool coloured cream of happiness
Ice Creams always helps to step ahead in the growing moments...
Growing life...growing desires...growing happiness

But steps can not be taken requires another pair...
The Best Couple who steps ahead of everyone!!!!
 The putty factor found a perfect partner as Shekar
Searching for right soul mate among hundreds!!!
God has blended fine pair of S & S and made them a perfect pair
The Blend of S & S
That, it creates a nice canvas to look so ravishing
The bonding of S & S
The God created a perfect symphony of music in S & S life....and also a pefect gift in the form of
Perfect symphony of happiness!
A pefect shelter to live the moments of happiness all the time...
Best Home!!!!
Wish you the best couple, best returns of happiness all the time...
Wish you many more marriage anniversary ahead....