Monday, April 23, 2012

Prakash Chaya's lovely day

One day, Chaya was on the way to her house after a gruelling work in the office...She was so tired that the moment she left the office in the cab..she was in deep slumber...

phone was's music player was belting a lilting music.  Cab was zipping on the road, on that day there was very less traffic or rather traffic was smoothely flowing like a swift river.
"Madam, Madam" driver said..
Chaya's was in deep slumber..she didnt heard the voice
"Madam, Madam" driver tried to wake her up again

Suddenly Chaya realised, somebody is calling her..She opens her eyes slowly...
"Madam! are stop has come..!"
"Oh shucks..I slept all the way...sorry sorry..i was i slept off"
Driver smiled at her "Madam, Its ok madam..have a good evening madam"
"Thank you so much..bye"

When she opened the gate of her house, and slowly started climbing the stair case, and reached her floor.

She knock on the door, The door gently opens up

Shireesh slowly open the door, and gives a warm smile to his mother..

"Oh my little cutie! how are you?"

Shireesh smiles at her again, and slowly runs towards the sofa set, and brings out a bouquet of flowers "My Sweet mother, wish you a wonderful marriage anniversary"

Chaya's all tension, tiredness started walking towards the air, and vanishes..

She lifts him up and hugs, and gives a peck on the the time Prakash comes in.."Wish you happy anniversary, there is a surprise on the Sofa set...for you"

She smiles at Prakash, and the cute Shireesh brings the surprise packet

She slowly opens it and started smiling with the tears on

There was cute cartoon Shireesh with a beautiful words!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A decade of glorious moments..

"Marriage" is combination of two souls who drifted from heaven to live together on the earth.
Marriage is like a railway run a train and trail of life, need two lines running parallel to each supporting each other..
The Marriage life is not an exam where scoring the marks is the criteria..
Opportunity to live happily open its jaws all the time...
It is a life's path filled with flowers...
Today we completed 3653 days (leap years 2004, 2008 & 2012) of our married life..

A decade of glorious moments!!!!

A wonderful gift by the almighty to fill the life with lives who creates a different colourful dreams all the way.
What more to expect...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!