Friday, September 16, 2011

Rahul Dravid - The heights of application

China were always patted their own back saying they had the guts to create a great wall of china which is visible from moon....but not every one can not visit neither great wall of china..nor the moon...
Great Wall...but stands at less heights than RD

But the cricket buffs have a wonderful and glorious opportunity to witness the great wall of India at their will...
The Master of perfection!

Yes you are very much in line for a square driving seat.....
Elegant..and the Trade Mark!!!!

Am talking about RD...The Rahul Dravid...
Stylish Player!!!!

I was always one of the biggest fans of two cricketing giants who stepped and debuted at become the lords of the cricket..
The Aggression and Patience in one frame!!!! The Real  Dada Giri!!!!

One is the Dada - Sourav Ganguli, the other Wall of patience - Rahul Dravid..

Rahul anytime ready to wear the flag on his chest....

The real attitude, the real selflessness we can see in him.  Who can forget he made "The White Lightening" Allan Donald dance on the pitch in RD literally frustrated him to tear his hairs in despair.
RD Explosion!!!!!

Who can forget, master minding with VVS Lakshaman to give their own pill to the marauding Australians..just executing the plan of Dada to perfection to decimate Waugh's Aussie team.

Who can forget rare victory on Australian soil because of RD's patience presence.

To accommodate a balance in the team as per DADA's plan, he kept wickets for many one dayers, especially 2003 world cup, where the team india beaten only in the hands of Aussies to finish as runners up.

He has the stamina, Patience, Perseverance, Skills, and a great attitude to play for the team and the county..

He just finished his final one day match with a calculated innings of 69 Runs.  He is the man for anything..but the false pundits who claim they have cricketing brain just made him cool his legs from last three years from not allowing to play in one dayers...

In his final hurrah he showed what anyone can do, if they have will power, and attitude to decimate any still challenges..let alone the WALL...


Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Member to my family

We were in a dilemma from past few years...whether new member to be added to my family or is it OK to manage and nourish one...

On the hindsight, the necessity of new member is also discussed, debated, and virtually we couldn't come to any conclusion.

Life always teaches, easy decision difficult to take..and difficult decision easy to take..

Considering all the permutations and combinations, we decided to go for second one...and ya..we were happy with our decision made....

and the expected expectation turned to be true...and real...





TVS - Victor - The first family member!!!!!






Maruthi Suzuki Ritz - The Second family member!!!!