Saturday, May 28, 2011

Haakida janivaarava sadgurunatha - Aadithya

The snaps of the moments are freezed in the following link

Upanayana is the second birth to human clan.

Adithya our blue eyed boy of our family entered in to his second life. It was an emotionally charged occassion for him and for our family for so many reasons.

Proud Mom with his prodigy
He was on cloud nine, as the glory, attention, new lease of life all were beckoning for him.

The blessed house (Anugraha Sadana) was brimming with relatives, friends, well wishers from Thursday itself.

My Grand Parents
The rituals performed by our Gurugalu lifted our happiness to the new level.

Gurugalu - The ring master for the occasion
Each and every occasion, moment was breathtaking, and it was emotional as well. My parents was feeling really high, as their first grand child entering in to his second lease of life (Upanayana) in a style.

Super Happy - My Parents
The sacred turmeric bath was on the way, it lead to homa, which was performed to please and also return the grattitude for showering us best blessings all the way in our life.

The chula shastra lead to matru bojana, and then to sacred thread formalities.

The song in the link below, just gives glimpse of the feel of highness about the upanayana.

The highs :
1. First Break point in Adithya's life
2. Super Happy Grand Parents
3. Paisa Vasool interms of happiness, satisfaction.
4. Looking forward for many more functions on the way