Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Bash - Jungle Book

It was one such occasion where you will tend to not to miss.  The fairytale of jungle book unleashed on the eventful weekend.
Jungle ride - fenatabulous
The ride was as crazy as you can expect, and as frenzy as you can imagine in the event manager (Naveen) hands.
Event manager needs an inspiration right - Am there for that
When we reached the jungle it was just the right moment to tap the enthusiastic audience.  It was brimming with noise, happiness, chatter-patter.
Crazy people ready for the action!!!!!!!!!!!
The event manager got a good hold of the kids, and started playing with their antics, it was a huge hit, in which kids and grown up kids showed their capabilities.
Lined-up kids for the safari!!!!

Then identifying themselves as grownup starred in the kiddish play, knowing very well that, when they can carry huge family responsibility, carrying a weightless balloon is not a tideous task at all.  The game was fun anyway which ended up in getting some games for the kids.
Am there for all!!!!

Cake cutting, and distributing made the audience erupt with joy, and cake was tasty as well.
Cake straight from the jungle book!!!
Light, Shadow, and the prosperity infront of  the caked candle

It was memorable outing for me, as i could meet my some of members of team of invincible's.
On the spot sketches were huge hit, as many from all the age brackets, stood in the line to get colour-less sketches to make their showcase colour-ful.

Proud parents with their proud kid!!!

Howz my mirror image!!!!
The Event was delightful, and a perfect getaway to invite the new week.  A great effort by Shadow and light couple.

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