Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Sony Ericcson Handset Laid to rest - K750I

Sony Ericcson K750I : Hi Sri

Sri : Hi my dear, how are you

Sony Ericcson K750I : am good, but it is really painful for me that, am not able to give company to you anymore

Sri : Hey i know, i should say sorry, coz, how many times, i admitted you to ICU, you have taken care of me very well

Sony Ericcson K750I : It is nice of you, but just i dont have shelf life, bandwidth to support you further, please allow me to take rest, i would be happy to give company, but unfortunately, am not able to

Sri : It is a painful decision for me, dont worry, i can understand your situation, and i will preserve you throughout my life

Sony Ericcson K750I : Hey i know, you will not throw me out, thanks for being one of my good friend all these days, and whenever you take me out from your showcase, surely i will shed two or three happy tears for you..

Sri : Thank you so much Sony, i will be there with you all the time