Saturday, April 23, 2011

Devaru Kotta Tangi

Raj-Kumar was coolly watching a movie at his house around post lunch session on a weekend, suddenly his mobile started screaming message arrived from his sister

Sister: Howz your weekend bro

Raj: Nothing great, relaxing and watching the movies i acted

Sister:  Ooh great Bro, can i come home one day

Raj: Thats great, any time you can come, this is your house, you are always welcome

Sister: Thats great of you Bro, can i come home morrow, if you are free

Raj: No worries, you can come, will be free for you

Sister: Bro am near your house, can you open the door for me.

A song comes on...

Raj : Sister like you is as good as Chinna (Gold) blessed to have like you.  Hope you had a great weekend, nice to bless you, and send you from my house the way you deserved.  My blessings with you all the time, all the way...wish you get the success as early as possible, your birthday brings lots lots lots of changes in your life...Enjoy your time, don't get de-motivated or depressed, you are at the right turn to get the new lease of life to your life...god bless you.

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  1. thanks alot bro...i had almost tears in eyes whn i heard the song thanks alot to think so much about me and from god's grace hope i vll get whom i am expecting as my life partner. I am taking your words and vll try to spk to him on the same have a grt day bro..