Wednesday, February 1, 2017

To be, or not to be - A Experience!!!

"To be, or not to be" a famous punching line from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.. 

My situation was also on the same lamp post, neither here nor there. As a practice from so many years, morning as soon I woke up, I closed my eyes, and sat for a while.  A strange decision I took, and decided to walk-in to the invitation!!!

A decision sounded a like a london's big ben clock alarm. Without blinking for the second time, I was in the campus of the school!

The next two hours was a mesmerizing experience.  I had experience this kind of scene on the tracks of Dudsagar railway tracks in one of my adventurous trips/treks.  The goods carriage train was zooming past in-front of us with more than 50 plus bogies making rhythmic symphony.  

In the same way, students performance was one after another it was an awesome experience.  The students performed batch after batch. What was appreciable point was there was no lack of co-ordination. Two kids used to walk up to the stage, applauds the previous performance, and few words on the environment, mother the time they finish two or three lines, the other kids would take their position to ignite a stellar performance.  

I found some of the kids doing a small jig on the stage itself... waah!

Teachers, encouraging each and every minute of the program, students were on high with energy, jumping with joy, there was no limit for their enthusiasm.. such was the energy in the auditorium.  I honestly felt, there was no single second of boredom.  If there was any equipment to measure the enthusiasm level in the auditorium, probably, the equipment would have failed to show the maximum score, coz, sky was only the limit.  

Honestly this is not an exaggerated words, but it is just shot from the heart unfiltered.  

It all started with a back to school experience.  The rhythmic bands, the inspiring guard of honor, wow...and as soon as entered the auditorium, thunderous welcome by clapping students and parents..words fail to express :-)

The guests from various phases in the society, The Commander, The Doctor, The Political activist, The IT engineer, The Journalist, The Teacher and The Automotive Industry representative..a rare and wonderful combination.  

Every kid out there was a special one.  Their performance on the stage was wonderful, so their performance in the academics, cultural programs and sports.  The talent evenly distributed across all the segments of student carrier.  Play while Playing, Learn while Learning the mantra for success.  

I could not blink my eyes twice in the whole event, coz, if i blinked, i would have missed a step or two of these energy filled kids.  

When the prize was distributed to the talented kids, I felt, I was stuck by their enthusiasm.  While coming back home, My soul was fully energised, when i looked at the mirror, my soul said....Sri...thats it..If you had missed this, you would have missed something from your life...How true it turned out to be!!!!

Pics may not tell the complete story, but few pictures really do a difference in people life.  

One such picture would be the great entrance of the school, and of course the seven samurai who were part of this gala event!!!

My few words to the school channel was ",The doctor describes there are many blood groups..A+, B+, O+, A-, B- and so on....but irrespective of any blood group.. the B+ (Be positive) attitude .. keep that attitude, the attitude takes care of everything!!!

I should thank Mr. Prakash Jingade, who helped me to rewind my years, and travel back to three decades!  

When I walked out of the auditorium, I had a formatted soul as seen in the picture below :-)

I should thank and applaud the wonderful team efforts of the  kids, the parents, the teachers, the volunteers and the management of Ryan International School!

A Royal salute from my side to Ryan Ryan and Ryan!!!


  1. You have wonderfully picturized the event in your words.. ! Compliments.

  2. Sri,
    You have nicely presented your experience here with the pics :) Am now going to read your kannada blog on this :)

    1. Thank you DFR.. you are the first to give me a platform to stand up in the crowd :-)