Wednesday, October 3, 2012

100 Steps away from the penalty kick :-)

On a warm Sep 17th 2012 at around noon..a ping on my gtalk popped up a message

Prashanth Kishan : Coming soon... my bucket list of101 things to do before I die :) in a blog near you :-)

I read the list, and complimented him, in turn he encouraged me saying "Thanks Sri. I seriously plan to complete everything on the list :) and Cant wait to see yours!

Life is like a computer..always there is a login and log off session.  login happens when our parents are typing the password for our life, and when we forget our password...shutdown session begins. Between this brief session there are innumerable files, applications and so on which needs to be listed, attended, saved, and also some of them to be deleted from the system to have a meaningful programmed software in our hardware.

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When this knot struck my mind, and encouraged by Prashanth, I didn't had too many choices than listing out my steps to be climbed before nose diving in to the eternal world. 

Many thanks to Prashanth, who triggered my habit of listing out the things for my life!!! 

The 100 steps to be carved from my stoney life!!!

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8 Steps with the Family 
01 Help my best friend (my daughter) to realise all her ambitions
02 Own Anugraha Sadan 
03 Create a trust fund for my daughter & wife
04 Have a positive net worth
05 Have all of the insurance that you need to protect yourself from risk
06 Earn 6 digits salary per month
07 A complete family tree with all the branches
08 Reboot the life at 60

8 Steps to the career
09 Complete ICWA
10 PMP Certification
11 Leave a job you hate
12 Be able to read and understand the corporate income and financial documents
13  Present yourself infront of the audience (in any personal or official function)

2 Steps in the name of friends
14 A Reunion of atleat 50% of my High School Class Mates (Total Strength ~ 63)
15 Complete list of All friends in FB, Blogs with their Date of Births to wish them all the time

3 Steps to drown in the ocean of learning

16 Learn Swimming
17 Learn Flute..and atleast good enough to play Ranadheera's (Hindi Movie "Hero")Theme Music
18 Learn to Speak atleast three more languages apart from Kannada, English, Hindi

7 Steps to ignite the passion in life

19 Test drive a car which I cant afford to buy
20 Be a mentor to someone
21 Get a complete makeover (change everything, from hair style, image, clothes) 
22 Write 50 Books
23 Read all the book collected so far in my library by end of this year
24 Read all the posts in the blog which am following as on day
25 Create a group for Alemarigalu in Social Network

4 Steps to remove the idle by meeting the idols of inspiration

26 Meet Sourav Ganguly (I like the killer instinct in him on the field)
27 Meet Rahul Dravid (I like the patience on and off the field)
28 Meet Pro. G. Venkatasubbaiah(centurion, contributed enormously to the development of Kannada) 
29 Meet the teacher whom I love the most

7 Steps to tear away the rust from the life by habits

30 Meditate for 20 minutes a day for a year and continue
31 Write the personal diary for a year and contine from there on
32 Encourage my best friend (Daughter) to get in to writing her diary everyday
33 Get my life in shape (cut out Bad memories. Quit doing the things I hate, break the bad habits)
34 Go for a walking with wife and daughter every day for a year & continue there after
35 Save Rs.1000/- every month for a year. At the end of the year, invest the money for the future
36 Keep minimum Rs.100000/- in SB Account, and to be maintained all the time 

3 Steps to iron out the wrinkles in fitness

37 Own a Cycle (Geared one) and ride 5 Kms everyday
38 Keep the waist size to 32 and weight to 65kgs for rest of the life
39 Run & Complete a Marathon

5 Steps to step in to the society

40 Devote free time and part of Hard Earned Money to Dashaveda Ashrama in Hassan and its activities
41 Adopt a child for the education 
42 Save Someone's Life
43 Tell at least 10 people about your bucket list and encourage them to do the same
44 Spread the news on Pustakada mane to 100 people & Donate a 5 Digit from my pocket.

8 Steps to etch the feelings of heart

45 A Book on my parents
46 A Book on my soul mates
47 A Book on Alemarigalu exploits
48 A Book on 101 Beautiful and meaningful dialogues of Balanna (Kannada Actor)
49 Write up on Highs & Highs of Raja (My Mom's Brother..who shares my name)
50 A Book on the positive impact of the bloggers association
51 A Book on kannada cine actor Sri. K S Aswath, and his influence on me
52 Write about myself and list out all the people who came in to my life with good/bad moments

3 Steps to type in to the electronics media

53 Write about all the movies I liked in any languages in the blogspot moved movies 
54 Complete 1000 Posts in my blogs (02.10.12 - as of now 233 posts from six blog titles)
55 Write up on all the Kannada Movies directed by Puttanna Kanagal

3 Steps to decorate the cupboard of the heart

56 Collect atleast 5000 meaningful books
57 Buy & Read all the books of my favorite author - Sri Poornachandra Tejaswi
58 Collect all the movie CD's of Raj and Puttanna Kanagal

3 Steps to mass hysteria

59 Watch "Padiyappa" in Tamilnaadu in a theatre with Rajani fans
60 Watch Sholay, Sharabhi, Kala Patthar with Big B Fans in a Theatre
61 Watch all the movies of Akhira Kurosava (Japan Movie Director)

1 Step to the challenge the impossible

62 Logoff from Facebook, Blog, SMS world for one month

1 Step to dream a dream

63 Krishna & Arjuna on the Chariot Wallpaper completely covering one side of the wall in my room

36 Steps  to get in to the mother nature's lap

64 A Long Biking Trip
65 A Trek on Deep forest with Balu Sir (A Friend, A Guide and A Good Blogger from Mysore)
66 A Trip/Trek to Manasa Sarovar
67 A Trek to Amarnath Yaatra
68 Bullet riding in Himalayan Region (Leh, Ladakh or any other snow clad path)
69 A Trip to Chardhaam Yaatra
70 Complete the Trails of Hoysala Temple and Document
71 Ellora and Ajanta, Khajuraho caves
72 Explore Most of Karnataka's Location
73 Explore Rajasthan The palces, the forts and so on
74 Fly on Mounteverest
75 Go on a long drive in my Ritz with my family
76 Go on a trip every weekend with my family & explore the different location never visited before
77 Go trekking in a rainforest
78 Pack my  bags and set off for a random location with no planning
79 Part of Sunrise and Sunset in Kanyakumari
80 Rafting in Dandeli, Dubaare
81 Spend a new year on a mountain top with Alemarigalu Group
82 Step on Foreign Soil with family
83 Trek & Summit  top 10 cliffs in Karnataka
84 Trek dudsaagar in monsoon by getting drenched completely
85 Try one of the Water sports like Water rafting, Sailing, Scuba diving, Snorkeling
86 Visit and Stay in Hampi for atleast 7 Days
87 Visit Andaaman (Cruise)
88 Visit Dasara Procession in Mysore
89 Visit Jalianwala bagh and pray for the people who departed their life in the masacre
90 Visit Jog in Monsoon in full glory (want to see a complete white patch of Water filled falls)
91 Visit Kaladi - Birthplace of Sri Shankarachaarya
92 Visit Kodaikanal with my family and rewind the moments
93 Visit Konark Temple
94 Visit Kurukshetra
95 Visit Tula Sankramana in Talakaveri on any October 17th
96 Watch Snow fall from close ranges
97 Write a blog first…. then go on the trip/trek doing exactly as per the blog (The idea coined by Sandeep KB and Yashdeep when i complete this credit for these two great souls)
98 Visit Dhanushkoti in Rameshwaram
99 Visit All Major temples in India

1 Step away from the penalty kick

100 Complete the list of 100

The above list has child like enthusiasm, stupidity like grown up adults, nirvaana state of senior citizens, craziness like the ancestors of evolution...but the list is a list of aspirations, and a serious attempt to ticking off surely brings the feel of......(fill up the blank) :-)


  1. Great compilation Sri. Love the intro and the content after that is equally wonderful.

    After reading through your list, Im kicking myself for not having being more innovative and creative with my list. Totally Jealous of what you have put up here.

    Im sure they are all achievable except of course No.99, which Im pretty sure no one can achieve it in their lifetime (especially since "Major" is a relative word with varied perceptions).

    Also waiting to see who all you can drag-in to make their list :)

    Great work Sri. And Good Luck achieving it :)

  2. Thanks buddy..the greater portion of the credit should go to you only..i had the habit of putting the things in a list..but never tried this kind in my life time so far. So this is an opportunity to iron out the wrinkles..put the steam in..and press the gas pedal.

    Thanks for your lovely comment..and compliment. Yes we both will strive to pull others also to make their list.

  3. Luv the 100th Step from all the 99 steps you have:-)

  4. Looks great, will read later in detail and comment

  5. Wow Srikanth .... Very nice... Inspiring... I wish you complete all your wishes as soon as possible . I wish you live more than 100 years and write a blog saying that you have completed successfully all your wishes :-) All the very best !!!

  6. Hi Ravi..thank you for your wishes..stepping one at a time will bring me to the 100th..surely with your good wishes i will try to put my step on the 100th.

  7. Thank you Sandeep..take you time..there is lot of time left to step on the 100th step.

  8. maguve (Srividhya) a wonderful compliment. Your wishes surely will help me to inch towards the goal. Thanks you so much for your wishes.

  9. Will copy (get inspired by :)) some of your steps
    very nicely collected.
    Wish you all the success.

  10. Thank you Swarna Madam..inspiration is like a is not a property of any worries you can go ahead :-)

  11. Very nice:)The points which are attracted me are
    Be able to read and understand the corporate income and financial documents(Don't know when i will understand)
    Complete list of All friends in FB, Blogs with their Date of Births to wish them all the time(you should be very strong in follow up)
    Get a complete makeover(Can expect one model near future)
    Adopt a child for the education(Inspired)
    Logoff from Facebook, Blog, SMS world for one month(Difficult Task)
    last but not least 100th point. I wish you fulfill all your wishes. All the best anna:)

  12. Thank you SS..and with the all the good wishes flowing..I can put a descent effort to step on the 100th step!!!

  13. Srikanth...its a complete list which include family, friends, hobbies, passion,career, education,books, insurance,blogs, donation,travel...nothing left i think...great job ...
    wonderful future ahead 2 achieve more...good luck.. :))

  14. Thank you Sudeepa..Real inspiring message..Thanks a lot.

  15. Let me think about my ones and comment you back dear.

  16. Wish you all the best SHREEEE .............

    God bless you .....

  17. Badari sar..thank you for your comments..take your time :-D

  18. HI Sri,

    It is really nice to read...wish you all the best to complete all your 100 steps...


  19. Hi bro ... I wish you to complete all these 100 steps in ur life!! All the best :-)