Friday, June 22, 2012

Putty's World... A Boy Baby

Putty: Hi Bro

Me: Hi Putty

Putty : Bro...A news want to share with you, I am blessed vid a boy baby ...2day 9.50am...!!!

Me : Wow putty!! Congratulations.. Please check mail box after 10 minutes Putty

Putty : :-) hmmmmm

All the cute things in this world had an emergency meeting on 20.06.2012.

the agenda for the meeting..
who is the emperor of the cute things...?

The discussion went on went till 22.06.2012 morning 9.50AM.!!!

One of the cute thing came running gasping for breath, and screamed "please cancel the meeting!!"

"Why what happened?"

"All ready a cutest of cutest meeting is not required!!"

"Putty delivered boy baby today morning..Putty herself is so cute..and her boy baby is even more cute..."

"Ok people....This meeting stands cancelled...and we announce Putty's baby is the cutest of the cutest"
Congratulations Putty on being promoted to Motherhood..wish you wonderful life ahead, and wish your son a great life ahead..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!