Monday, January 24, 2011

Munnabai MBBS - Kanaka + Kumara Bharath

Patient: Good morning Doctor, i heard Munna will become the doctor today? I will be very happy, patients will get treated with humor and they will live happily

Doctor : Yes, you are right, but Munna said, he will be a visiting doctor, but his two mentors will take care in his absence.

Patient : Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?, i cant believe this, for munna, is there any mentors, impossible....

Doctor.  Yes, man, there are two mentors, one who is a kid, and another who has a kid.

Patient : Doctor, please don't build up the tension, can you explain who are they and what they are up to?

Doctor : One is Dr. Kumara Bharath, his energy level itself is sufficient to make you people dance and forget about illness, and the other.....

Patient : Common doctor tell me fast, my heart is beating fast.

Doctor : and the other is perfect doll of Koravangala Family Kanakalakshmi.  She is so cute, her 11 Brothers likes her very much, and for her 4 sisters, she is a doll.

Patient : Ooh my god, this is an awesome news, and is today Munna is coming here.

Doctor : No today he is not coming, he went to celeberate birthdays of his mentors, and all the others too gone there.  You can do one thing you can send sweets and gifts to the following ID

Kumarabharath :
Kanakalakshmi :

Wish them a wonderful birthday, and breathtaking moments be filled their life all the time.

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