Friday, November 5, 2010

Golden Moments – Golden Jubilee of My parents coming together in their life

Was waiting for some precious moments in my life to cut the ribbon for this blog, what else is more precious than being part of parents completing their golden jubilee of their married life.

My father (Manjunath), from Koravangala, a small hamlet near cultural mother land Hassan, born to Rangaswamy, and Subbanarasamma. He was born with two elder sisters, four younger brothers, and one elder brother.

My mother (Vishalakshi), from Hassan, born to Lakshmipathi, and Chennamma.  She was born with three younger brothers (out of which one was my favourite sodara-mava, look for him in my next posting), and one younger sister.

They were destined to married together in heaven (as all marriages are arranged in heaven), but their name also had a fine combination of Shiva-Parvathi.  So as per the script of god in heaven, and the drama enacted in the earth, they entered each other life on May 23rd 1960 in Kittane, a small village near Hassan.

First set of ten years (1960-1970)
They spent fruitful life of first 10 years in Hassan, where they were blessed with one girl and one boy baby.

Second set of ten years (1970 -1980)
The second sets of ten years were spent in picturesque Shivamogga, the gate way to Western Ghats. Here, they were destined to get two more boy babies.

Third set of ten years (1980 – 1990)
Here, the kempegowda founded Bangalore was craving for our inclusion, so we all migrated to Bangalore.  During this phase, we were coming to our own grooves with blessings from our god sent parents, and with divine grace, and well wishers.

Fourth set of ten yeas (1990 – 2000)
Well settled family of ours, slowly and steadily started inching towards stability, and parents became grandparents.

Fifth set of ten years (2000 – 2010)
During this phase, when my father attained the age of 73, celebrated “Bheemavratha shanthi” for attaining 70 years of fruitful life.  It was one of the memorable occasion for us, as during this Shanthi, we can witness all the marriage rituals, like tying the sacred knot, sapthapadhi. 

And now on 24th October 2010, they celebrated golden anniversary, with a Sathyanarayana pooja at home, and wonderful get-together of relatives, friends, and the well wishers.
This is the kind of legacy our parents are showing us how to wade through the difficult times, turbulent moments to see the happiness sprinkled all-round. 

We are blessed by god, to have a wonderful representatives of him-self with us


  1. Nice Blog, you have not mentioned the names of baby boys and girls, especially the middle masala ..


  2. Good old memeories,I and my family enjoyed while watching these family photo's together

  3. Thanks To sandeep, and anonymous (If i know the name of the anonymous, the happiness will be in multifolds)

    @ sandeep, when the narrating the incidents of god sent representatives, it should not get distracted from the main channel. This is the thought came to my mind, when i narrated the saga.

    @ anonymous
    Ya this kind of momories, memoirs are the things which binds people emotionally to move ahead. Nice comments, and many thanks for the same.

  4. Dear Sri
    Amazing way to express what's in mind about paying tribute to our parents without whom we wouldn't be in this wonderful world and the great nourishing life and meanings they have provided overcoming all the struggles thru life to see us blossom. I just urge all to carry these in our minds always to show our gratitude to them in taking care of them to the best wee can and never disrespect in any no matter how much we are annoyed in our life struggles. That's the best we could do for great sacrifices they have done to us.

  5. Thanks guruve....If a person is ruled by heart, always he will be on the path of accomplishments (it is not success), but trupthi. When i started narrating heart ruled me, even though brain use to distract, i heard the heart. so the saga continued.

    thanks for your great compliment and write up.

    these things spurs me to jump in to words ocean, to express the pressing emotions.