Tuesday, May 22, 2012

52nd Marriage Anniversary of My parents - 23.05.1960

Marriage happens in an age..
Dreams are getting feathered..
Feathers are getting coloured...
colours are getting spread across the lives..
The new lives will bloom in all the way..

One such occassion came on 23rd May 1960 near a small village near Hassan, where two great souls of my era came together.

The togetherness brought love, affection, as well as four off-springs..

The four off-springs joined together to bring best moments in their parents life..

One such great occasion was celebrating parents Golden Anniversary a good two years ago.

This is an occasion where a small tribute to our great parents for their hard work to shape us the way we wanted!!!!

My father blessing from the top, but living in our heart, and the surrounding all the way!!!!
My mother leading from the front and guiding our family in every corner...!!

"Anna" - "Amma" we are blessed to have you as the parents!!!

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